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"Given Chicago's rich soul heritage, it's no surprise that the work on the set is extremely solid -- grooving along in a style that's mature, positive, and very much at the best level of work in the Neo Soul mode."

"For lovers of soulful jazz (or jazzy soul), this is a terrific find."

"This material ought to be rotated on daytime national radio by law. SoulWalking.co.uk

"Extremely talented singers and musicians + top-notch writing and production = an auspicious start for The McKenzie Burns Project." SmoothJazz.com

"If the music world is seeking something worthwhile, original, refreshingly sincere and damn good to boot, then Stewart McKenzie and David Burns have the answer." StylusMagazine.com

"A definite grower that after a few plays really gets to you - deserves wider recogntion." SoulBrother.com


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