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Founded by Chicago-based producers, David Burns and Stewart McKenzie, Listen Up Records is a boutique record label specializing in Contemporary Jazz and Urban Adult Contemporary music.

We strive to continually bring a musical breath of fresh air to an often dissapointingly commercial scene. We favor artistry over commercialization and self-expression over homogenization. We create music for music lovers – not the masses. And we believe that the best way to create music for music lovers is to follow the instinct and inspiration of our artists.

We take great pride in our artist-friendly approach. We're passionate about musical integrity, but we're even more passionate about the integrity of the relationships we have with our artists and others in the industry.

Sure - we're nice guys - but we're not stupid. Because the music industry is quite challenging and full of less-than-honest people, we work to develop the business acumen of our artists to ensure that they are able to maximize their potential. We care about the growth of our artists and we aim to help them reach their personal dreams.

Unlike most record labels, we don't lock our artists into binding contracts. We know that most artists hope to one day be signed to a big label and play Madison Square Garden. Rather than acting as a barrier, we serve as a stepping stone. This approach allows us to always pursue what is in the best interst of the artists.

We're not a big-time label - and we don't pretend to be. We're the short kid on the basketball court - but we study our playbook every night, we dive for loose balls, and every once and a while you might see us talkin' some mess. We're networked within the contemporary jazz and urban adult contemporary music communities. We work with promoters, distributors and radio personalities in the US and UK.

We care about music and we care about people – whether you're talking to us or listening to our music - we hope that is evident.

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